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I hope im not in the wrong section, if I am sorry about that.
I hope you guys and gals can help me with this problem/question I have regarding acronis true image.
I work for a small business which has a wired lan network, we have a 250GB netdrive that isnt connected to any workstation, but stores most of our daily used data as well as a few programs.
We are currently looking into using mirroring to backup the netdrive. We do have a NAS but it didnt configure/install at all(even with tech support).
What I want to know is will acronis true image be able to mirror a network drive to a hardrive on a workstation through the network?
If not can you recommend software that will.
Also we have looked into the possibility of using norton ghost, but we found out through some reviews that users prefer acronis.
Thanks for reading this thread.

that 250Gb drive, does it hold anything except for data? I mean is there an operating system that needs to be cloned (failover cluster mode) as well?

because if not, all you need to do is set up a simple script that will copy the needed data over to the backup storage server in the night.
If you're looking for real time replicaton, you need to look into the more complex solutions, i.e. high availability/failover cluster servers.

Acronis and Ghost are good for backup and copy over the network, but using them to copy several files overnight is using nukes to kill a fly :)

It will be purely for the data on the netdrive, there is no OS on the netdrive, we just basically need a backup of the netdrive so that if something goes wrong we can just replace it with as little configuration as possible.
Also we plan to only backup at night.
Thanks for the quick reply.

where do you intend to backup to?
the simplest thing to do if you're using a windows box as the backup target, is to use robocopy, or xcopy.
both can be set up to back up only changed files, so the first backup will take long, while the next backups will only take on the changes to the data. that way network traffic will be low.

if you are using linux/unix, there are other options, from cp to dd/rsync/cpio/etc

We will be using a windows box to backup to.
I googled robocopy and came across the robocopy website(www.tgrmn.com) and found it to be exactly what we need.
Thank you for the help I really appreciate it.

great :) just mark the thread as solved, if the issue is resolved for you