Hello guys,
I am trying out this CD:
super WinPE Plus 2004
All in One CD

I am testing it out to ghos some PC's. I am particularly interested in ghosting (backing up) a Dell 280 desktop.

When the PC boots with the bootable cd i choose the XP Super...
and then after loading the shell ("shell" i believe is the correct term excuse me or correct me if it's not). It asks to start the Network configuration. I click 'OK'.

I then get an error message:
Failed o install the Network Adapter -- check WINBOM.

How do i go forward from this point.

This CD seems to work for alot of other PC's.

OK How do I?
I rec'd the following instructions:
actually instead of copying the insruction i'll just copy the site:

so my quesiton is, I am Using Roxio, and how do i copy a bootable Read Only CD while adding a file to it?


I did the Roxio Creator Classic, and Select ALL to the D: drive (source) and dragged it over to the bottom pane of the roxio CD applicaiton window. I then drived to the location of the files i need to add and dragged tha as well to the appropriate folder on the bottom pane as well.

I then clikc on burn icon at the bottom left of the Roxio window and it has now brought up anothe window:

Title: Disc Caching
D:\...and the directories..\..\
Caching progress...[][][][][][][] ...

but it was caching for i believe over an hour, i clicked cancel and did it again..and I guess it takes this long to cache?

does anyone know if I am doing this right and if it normally takes this long to cache?