First, I am a complete novice so please be gentle.
My browser is IE. Operating System XP. ISP BTBroadband

Last week for some reason I was unable to access my hotmail account and messenger. Also I am unable to get into my bank accounts and access my freeserve account - although I can get into freeserve - see my inbox messages but am unable to open them - Page not found comes up. I do not have problems accessing the internet for other sites and can nothing is wrong with my outlook which I have my btinternet emails downloaded into.

I have not changed any of my settings. Although I noticed my browser kept directing me to different searches.

I have run Spybot and X clean which brought up lots of probs which were fixed except for the DSO Exploit 5 entries (which I gather is not a prob just a nuisance) which I get Spybot to fix but it keeps coming back. Am still unable to get into hotmail account - Cannot find server or DSN error Internet Explorer. I have run Spybot updates. I have run windows updates

I have now in desperation downloaded Opera browser which I must say I like. I can now at least get into my hotmail account and my freeserve account. It is also running more quickly. However, I am still unable to access messenger. Says Password User name is incorrect or cant be found. I know I have entered them correctly. I can use it on other pcs connected to the same network. Is MSN messenger dependent on IE and that I cannot access it through my Opera browser? In any case I should at least get the IE prob fixed.

On my internet settings I cannot find anything which shows Java although it was on my pc before. What I get now is NET Framework reliant component/Run components not signed with Authenticode (Enabled) and Run with signed Authenticode (Enabled) - Has this superseded Java - I do not know - my other pcs have Java VM Permissions. I have uninstalled messenger and then installed it - still problems but now I have two icons on my task bar - one Windows Messenger and one MSN Messenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I tried to download SunJava - it said your security settings prevent Activex. I have also tried to download a new IE. But all the settings remain the same. I have checked that my security settings are set to Medium or Medium Low.

I have now exhausted all my known options. It is probably a very simple thing to rectify. I have read through similar posts on here but none seem to have my specific problem.

Please can someone help!!!!!!!!

Can anyone help me.............Have tried downloading Windows update ---wont let me.

Tried sending message to Microsoft but needs NET passport .which it wont let me use.

And really stuck now.

Have resolved my probs thanx.......... If anyone else has similar probs see my other post msn messenger and opera

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