Hey everyone, just joined this site and am after a bit of urgent help!
I'm running XP and have a DSL connection on my home PC, which connects fine, but I cannot visit any web pages, update my antivirus, sign in to any messenger services etc. I'm thinking there must be some little setting I have missed for these programs to recognize the connection but can't find any answers! I have tried doing system restore to a time when it did work but this hasn't helped.
Any advice would be great, thanks!

I took the hard drive out and put it in another PC to run some up to date virus scans. It picked up a few trojans and some other bits and got rid of them but i'm still having the same problem. I also tried it on a different line with a different modem and still no joy. I'm thinking last resort time here and just wiping it and starting over, but would prefer not to! Any other ideas? Thanks really appreciate your help! :)

Nice one i'l give that a try when i get back from work, thanks a lot! :)

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