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Took a while, but finally found the help you're after. DL the attached document. Is actually a archived file with a document layer - to extract the drivers (using WinRar), drag-drop file onto WinRar icon/shortcut and extract contents. Either that or open the file in Word and double-click on the rar/zip file image next to the following text on page 2:

Drivers.rar contains FWT Driver files.

If you follow instruction in Doc, you should be right. Apartently there was a delay in getting Vista drivers rolled out for your model, as the chipset designers (Texas Instruments) didn't supply Huawei with Vista drivers for said chipset, which meant they had to build their own... always more time consuming :)

Hope that helps anyhow


I have a similar problem. I upgraded my system from XP to Win7 and my Huawei ets 2558 wont connect to the Internet again. The USB model is TIUSB3410.

Can somebody in the house revisit this issue please? I am in a fix, and need the Win7 compatible driver for my huawei ets 2558 phone modem. My systems is PIV desk top PC.



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