Running a PC with two hards drives (original 10G, second one 20G)
Have just bought XP Home Edition which I installed onto original drive. While doing this I (wrongly!) accepted existing files to be saved but now I cannot get rid of ME. I formatted the drive which seemed OK as the system showed 100% deletion, but then a message appeared ' Windows cannot delete ME'
So XP is on the older smaller drive, ME on the newer larger drive, but I would prefer XP only.
Anyone know what I can do - simply please?

This is a access permissions problem from within XP, that it can't access the other OS. You'll have to boot from the XP disk and delete the partition there.

If I were you, I would start again and put XP on the newer drive, that way you can delete all active partitions, but its your call depending on what you want to keep. You'll need to backup from ME any files you want to keep.

Perhaps someone could clarify if I'm right, but I'd be suprised if I'm not.

Hope this helps


I cannot delete you either.

Pardon the expression there... I couldn't resist.

Yup. In order to clean out this box, you are going to need to put the XP disk in there, and delete the partitions out, and install from scratch. Remember that any useful files there that you need will be wiped out by this process.