I forgot my password and cant get back into my computer!! I have a Windows XP and really need to get into my computer, can someone please help me? ~sarah :!:

Accually i wanted something that i didnt have to pay for. Im kinda short on money and cant afford to buy a new password. but thanks anyway!

Summarized from another one of my posts:

You can pay for a utility that will do this from here or use an open source linux utility from here. You run a risk attempting to use these utilities...the second utility, the freebie, requires a user who:

1. Can follow directions that are fairly technical/complex.
2. Has a basic understanding of Linux.

I am by no means a Linux guru yet I have used this utility numerous times - word to the wise should you try the free utility, it tends to break very important files in the OS so use it at your own risk! Good luck!

Restart your computer and before windows loading press F8 and select safe mode Now you will see Administrator account in accounts before WinXP loads, select Administrator and change whatever passwords you like or simply delete that account and create new. If your Administrator account is also password protected and you have forgot it then there is nothing you can do except re-installation. :!: