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I have a client with an SBS 2003 server. They use a Microsoft Access 2007 database which is split in two. a front end (Which includes all the forms) and each of the client PC's has a copy of the frontend on their PC's. And a backend (which contains only the tables of data) which sits on the SBS 2003 domain controller. Each client PC links their front-end to the tables on the back-end.
They now have a requirement for certain users to be able to access this database remotely.
I have suggested using a windows 2008 server with Terminal services enabled. - However, on doing some investagiation I have been told that each user who needs to connect remotely to the termninal server would need a Full Open Licence of Office 2007 Proffessional. This would be over $500 per user and is just not viable.

I was wondering if I could install a copy of MS Access Runtime 2007 on the terminal server ( And create a shortcut to the 'All users' profile desktop) which uses the front-end of their existing database to point to the data on the back-end.

or is there some other solution without having to install the full Office suite on the terminal server



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I don't think there is anything you can do about this. You have to use volume purchasing licenses for the new terminal servers or use an older version of office.

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