Hi everyone,
i have an everex laptop that is windows xp based and sometimes when i boot it up i hear a beeping sound that beeps 3-4 times and then stops. however, it does not give me the startup screen. and sometimes if it actually gets thru to the bootup the computer might freeze in the middle of whatever im doing. i am thinking that since my kids were using and they use to just leave the computer running and close the screen that something has gone haywire. I was wondering if anyone might know what is going on. I really dont wanna have to put it in the shop just to have something minor repaired on it and it ends up costing me an arm and a leg. can someone please help me. i am in need of my computer and it has been out of commission for a few weeks now. thanks a lot. any help will be greatly appreciated.

You need to be little more specific:

- model
- exact beepcode (like, 1 long 3 short beeps

Sounds like RAM...ive had that problem a few times over, and it turned out to be RAM most times...you could try swapping out your modules for a known working set and see if that helps, there is also a small chance of it being the video card, but i highly doubt that.

agree with romeyng, try removing your memory module and clean the pins of your memory module before putting it back to your mobo.. make sure that power is unplug when removing and placing back your memory module :)

thank you. the model number is NM3500W. there are 3 quick beeps a 1 sec pause then another beep. the screen stays black but you can hear the computer running. it is the everex stepnote N series. thanks a bunch for your help.

Bad news.

The beepcode you described says "One of the chips on your motherboard is not functioning. You'll likely need to get another board."

not too sure what getting another board entails. is that something i could do myself or should i consider getting another laptop? thanks!

Another board= another motherboard.

If you need to replace the motherboard (and you obviously do) with the warranty expired, you might want another laptop altogether, considering the price of the motherboard. That is, IF it is available at all.

You might want to take the laptop to repairshop and confirm the failed motherboard (and learn the price for the repairs), but that alone might come with a price, depending on shop's policy.