I am trying to merge drive f with my acer c drive which as shown in the picture below is the middle drive. However weird thing is it does not show the name of my primary drive and also when i try and right click it to go ahead and extend volume the only thing it allows me to do is click help. In other words there are no other options. I am wondering why this is happening and how I can fix it.

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If it is XP, using the built in tools, you cant resize partitions, but in vista you can grow and shrink partitions, but the capabilities are still quite limited

You will probably end up needing a third party tool, cguan_77 reccomended one, i hear a lot about GParted and PartitionMagic but hey, im not an expert on these things...

Anyway, be careful, repartitioning (especially where growing/shrinking NTFS partitions is concerned) can be a bit risky. ensure everything is backed up and you have your OS Cds just in case.

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