I'm having a problem installing it. The first part of the process, where I choose what to install and choose if I want to the desktop shortcut, went fine, but when it began to "install" (It said something like "this may take several minutes"), it just got stuck there. Nothing else happened for "several minutes." I pressed Cancel. It asked for comfirmation. I clicked Yes. Then, it just stayed there, again. I had to use task manager to end it.

The installer wasn't the problem. I've tried downloading from different sources.

Is it about Flash or Firework or Studio8 or something? Must I install something else first before I install Dreamweaver? (I haven't got any of those I mentioned, but if it's nescessary, I can get them in a flash.)

Could you help me solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, caperjack for your reply.
The thing is I downloaded the trial version first to see how it is. I haven't spent a buck on it yet. The cost is quite shocking. I have to make sure.

try the install again ,this time wait a little long than a few min,some program take longer to start a s the are checking the system

Thanks again, caperjack.
Okay. I'll try to install it again. But I just realized(five minutes ago) that I got FrontPage for the whole time I tried to install Dreamweaver. Is FrontPage good comparing to Dreamweaver? Just curious. Never mind:cheesy:

I think frontpage will work just fine for what you are trying to do ,a lot of money for dreamweaver ,large learning curve also ,with a program like dreamwearver .good luck .

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