Limited Virtual Memory - Pagefile Increase...???

Dear friends,

I am confronted with a typical problem and am almost at my wits end.

I have two HDD:

Disk One 80 GB two partitions C and D on windows xp
Disk two 160 GB on three partitions E F and G on windows advanced server 2000

I have no problems as regards the first HDD in which I can work easily.

BUT when i boot from second HDD; it says while almost about to start that-

There is Limited Virtual Memory and asks to increase pagefile.sys.

I had no idea about this but i did a lot of reading and increased pagefile in all drives and partitions.

Still when I boot from 160 GB running on windows advanced server 2000; it shows error message that increase your pagefile and as a result i am unable to use it.

I am attaching two screenshots which may help in understanding my problem and possibly solving the error.



Anxioustly awaiting replies.

Best regards,


sunandoghosh (at) rediffmail (dot) com

Ensure that - System properties, Advanced Tab - performance - performance box, settings, virtual memory "change".

Make sure your E or F or G is selected as your drive to have virtual memory on it. By default it will be C:\, and this is not possible, because it will not be able to access due to file permissions, and no authentication with the XP install.

EDIT - obviously ensure the drive that is selected has plenty of free space.

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