When I run Bittorrent it causes my router to temporarily crash. It will come back on with no problems but my internet phases in and out when I start downloading. I have a Dlink Router and use Bitcomet to download. It was working before and then just...stopped. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Oh, ok sorry. I kinda rushed in headon with out reading. My apologies.

I know this is an old thread, but bittorrent should hardly be lumped into the category of "illegal P2P" apps. That's a pretty ignorant and reactionary stance. Bittorrent has numerous totally legal uses and those are growing daily. Many open-source and freeware programs now distribute their product releases via bittorrent. Some high-demand movie trailers are now being distributed with bittorrent. And anybody who trades legal, fully-endorsed-by-the-bands-themselves live music shows (e.g. Phish, etc.) cannot possibly get by without using bittorrent. Bittorrent is just so incredibly useful and well-designed that it almost certainly will become a necessary app for all users in the future. If the next version of Windows doesn't officially include a bittorrent client along with the OS, I would be shocked. After Microsoft knocks google.com off their high horse, Bram Cohen is certainly next. ;)

As far as the original poster's question goes, you gave us too little information to assess the problem. I know that a few router's out there have some problems with intense network activity, which bittorrent certainly can create. I would search google and/or groups.google.com for "bittorrent" and your router model number. Also, there could be a firmware update for your router on the manufacturer's web site. Sometimes these updates will fix all kinds of random problems.

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Bitorrent can be and is used for legitimate file distribution as well as for piracy. some musical artists etc distribute their product ONLY via Bitorrent.

The rule here exists primarily because we have no way to determine if the use is legitimate or not, and because the prdominance of people use it unlawfully.

That is a statement I've posted elsewhere in response to a similar query, alva.

At present the Forum rules clearly state that assistance with p2p programs and their use is not to be given here at DaniWeb. Until such time as that rule is changed or revoked, it remains in effect. Perhaps you might like to create a new topic in the 'Forum Feedback' section to discuss your quite valid and worthwhile concerns?

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