hey guys,
i am having some issue with printing some pdf documents, actually, 2 types: faxes that come into office over email and get converted to pdfs automatically (using GFI faxmaker) and colored photos that get scanned into our system with canon document scanners and converted to pdf during the scan.

when people receive these faxes over email or these scanned color photos, they would normally come out maybe a couple of megs, but when printed, the spooling size jumps to over 100 megs! and those documents take FOREVER to print. and ideas of what could be causing this? we are running windows 2k pro workstations and adobe 5.0 (i know we need to upgrade to 6.0 but i dont think thatll solve the problem though). and this ONLY happens with faxes that get converted and so far just color photos that get scanned in.

before we upgraded to the new GFI faxmaker version, they had to be manually converted to pdf to be sent to employees inboxes (those printed no problem), when we upgraded, we got this problem....please help!

if you need more info, please let me know...thanks!

What type of printer are you using?

From what you've stated, my guess would be that you are using a PCL print driver; since PDF is basically postscript you'd likely get better results using a Postscript driver.

the color printer we have is HP color laserjet 4550 PCL 6(driver) and the faxes get printed to HP laserjet 4050 PCL....these are both networked printers though so changing the drivers would effect everyone. and i hear what youre saying about using the postscript driver but all other PDFs print fine, only the faxes and scanned color photos from that particular scanner.

No reason you couldn't use both drivers. If the PS drivers work better, just use them for the fax/scans. If there are only a few users that print these types of docs you could set them up to print directly to the printers and the print jobs won't have to spool on the print server. Here's HP's info on the subject.

thanks so much for the help! i downloaded and installed the PS drivers for both HP printers, the color printer seemed to work much better with the PS drivers then the PCL but the other HP that has faxes (converted to pdf) printing to it, still spools a lot larger even with the PS drivers installed. i even tried printing directly to the printer and it takes the same amount of time.

what is the benefit to having the documents go directly to the printer rather then them spool?

well, the PS driver worked on my machine with the colored photos but when i go to another machine, it still spools larger, even with the same PS drivers. i'll be working on it more but if you have any other ideas, would love to hear them...thanks!