Ok i got a dimsnsion 5150 last xmas (was that 2005? im crap with dates) and it had

19" TFT
Radeon x600
1gb RAM
XP Home

all for £699. Bargain. Or so i thaught

On the day vista got released dell dropped the price of an e520 (Exactly the pc essentially) - with no TFT but with Vista and a better gfx card to just £399, leaving me with what is essentialy a £300 screen :(

So i thaught meh lets just get vista and some ram so i did but whats ironic is that an extra gig of ram and vista IS MORE than the price of getting a whole new (identical!) pc and combining them!

And i cant get aero as i need a better gfx card but the damn PSU is only 305W - 305w!!

Also the damn pc rattles constantly and i had to add a new heatsing and fan to the graphics card as it was ruuning at 86 degrees C! - Yes, thats 86!!!!!!!!

so now it rattles even worse than before due to this cooling and also i now have 1 usable PCI Slot as i had to install an exhaust to keep the gfx card from melting.

The damn card came in the pc from dell with NO thermal paste and a heatsink the size of an SD card!

And so i thaught, why not get a nice new cool case or a mobo with no slots but NOOOOOOO as its stupid BTX thats like only made by dell instead of sensible ATX thats cmpatible with everyting grrrr :(

Andi cant get a new PSU as the damn thing looks like an ATX one but its not - its special and yep, only made by dell......

So, basically, you hate Dell because you couldn't be bothered to properly research your purchase options in advance, and now you're angry that you got what you ordered.

Clearly, Dell is the devil's work! Their customer service representatives should have read your mind, and realized what you really wanted, as opposed to what you told them you wanted.

As a pc support pro, I've worked on literally hundreds of Dells over the years, primarily with Precisions, Optiplexes and Latitudes. None of them have had the egregious problems you note, though of course once in a blue moon we do get a clinker.

I recommend Dell highly to friends and family on a regular basis, and not one has come back to me with a negative experience.

i hate dell, they are too overpriced, and the cheaper ones are buggy. u could get an hp with the same features of any dell for less than 1/2 the price!!

I'm affraid I'll have to second Ehreval here, you purchased your system around December 2005 you believe? Vista wasn't released officially until the end of January 2007.
I've nothing against upgrading an older machine - heck we've all done it, but we can't complain when it all goes wrong.

MS did provide sufficent tools to check your system before you did an upgrade, although there have been problems with AERO; most of the problems have focused around Intel's 915 graphics (many of you will already know the alledged scandel here).

As for the power supply unit; it's not uncommon for Dell or any other brand to use smaller power supplys in lower end kit - just the way it is I'm affraid.

And the case? Well you mention that you were angered at the fact you wanted to use an ATX case but it's built around a BTX; Dell have done nothing wrong here as it's clearly stated as BTX - sorry!


Dazza :cool: