Is there any way that I can download all the updates for XP since SP3, separately, and integrate them into a slipstreemed disk. Or, is there some way of integrating a copy of my installed windows, which includes the updates, including IE8 and WMP11, and slipstreening the lot, even if I have to use a DVD due to the size.
If not, what is the best program to use that can copy or clone or whatever, my windows installation to a DVD so that I could reinstall it if I need.

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Hi Caperjack,
You normally have the right information for everyone but this time, you directed me to the page of the program I used to slipstream to SP3 which will not allow me to add IE8 or WMP11. The program accepted the files in the lead up to integration but would not process them.
The windows site has no upgrade, update or hot-fix programs to download to integrate. A program with an .exe extension is required for integration.
Thank you anyway for your assistance.

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