I use my laptop to connect to different LANs. So, I always need to change
the LAN settings. Can anyone tell me how can I create several LAN connections so that I can simply enable/disable them. This is very easy in WinNT. But now I have Windows 2000 Professaional. So, please tell me how to do it in Windows 2000 Professional.


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To my knowledge it is not possible to set two different IP addresses on one Operating system.

My advice is to create different user account thats connects to different Workgroups or domains, as appropriate.

I hope this is correct advice, and will eat several hats if someone says that you can set a multitude of LAN connections in Network Connections, therefore any change to IP settings will have to be made each time imho.

Thanks for the advice.
But that won't work. Because, I go to different few different locations and need to login using the same account. And always, need to change the LAN settings rather than simply enable/dissable Local Area Connections :-(.

But I really wonder why it is not possible in Win2000 Professional. Because, it was possible in WinNT.

1. You can bind more than one IP to a NIC and specify multiple gateway IPs in the card's advanced TCP/IP settings, although I'm not sure that's going to give you the exact functionality you're looking for.

2. Although it seems to be a bit of a kluge, I think you can set up different NIC configurations under different Hardware Profiles and then select which profile to boot into each time you fire up the computer.

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