I have a celeron 1800hz with 256k of ram running xp with service pack 2 installed. This is a shared computer with two other users (my two sons) as well as myself

I have AVG antivirus, zone alarm for firewall and regularly run ad-aware for spy ware etc. All these are up to date and installed and running. I am always on top of this as my sons do go to sites that may contain virus's or similar

There are two problems
a) Every time I select Internet explorer off the menu, the home web page is a search web page I havent set. I change home page in internet options to my prefered home page and also edit the registry to remove any mention of this feral search bar page but the next time I boot up and then select internet explorer it has reverted back to the search bar page.

b) The other problem is that if you select a link to a page takes a bit longer to open, the page being loaded is redirected to a porn site page and once that happens, even if you go back out of that site, every time u select the link to your intended site this porn site comes up instead.

I've run all the anti-virus and adware programs without finding any trojans, virus's or explanations for this problem.

Can anyone have any suggestions. Thanks also for your help


In Safe Mode, you need to run the following programs:

Adaware Away

CW Shredder ..

Microsoft Antispyware

Spybot Search and Destroy (also can lock IE Settings)

Ad Aware SE Personal Edition

HiJack This

Most of these are free. One of them should fix the problem
Also if you are using IE6, make sure it is fully updated

Let us know how you fare.