We purchased a few pc's a while back that had XP home installed. We're moving to a domain based network, and Home won't allow connection to it. We're part of the MS Partner program, and have XP Pro to upgrade to, but, it says that the OS already installed is newer, and won't allow us to do it any other way than a clean install. There are files/programs already there that we want to preserve.

Is there any way around this?


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forget it !

Edit -- No longer applies since Caperjack edited his post :)

sounds like its time to format and re-install windows

I'm thinking you might be able to preserve your stuff by booting off the cd and running setup but it'd be smarter to back up your data and reformat. If you absolutely must have the programs that are installed on the XP Home installation then partition another slice on the drive and install Pro to that...XP boot loader should give you a choice to boot either one, just pick the one you want when you start up.

Yes if you install the windows from scratch ... you'll most probably have the same settings as your previous windows .... if its an upgrade not a new installation.

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