I started my computer up today and went to click on an ICON on my task bar, cause I put my icon on the taskbar to clear up desktop space, and I clicked on an Icon and nothing happen! The only Icon that really works is Internet Explorer and thats when I put the shortcut on the desktop and if I click into anything else the window to whatever is open freezes. I tried Last Good Know Configuration......didnt work. I can't click into System Restore it won't let me. I click on it and nothing happens! When there windows freeze my mouse is still working, i can LogOff and what not from the Task Manager though not Start Menu. I think its either a virus or bad memory, what do you guys think? Help please!

P4 3.0GHz HT
ASUS P4800SE Mobo HT
2GB DDR-RAM (4 sticks of 512MB 'Rosewill')
80GB Seagate HD
ATI 9600se 128MB AGP


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if its bad memory then the next time you start your computer, enter into the CMOS settings (before windows starts) and under advanced options have it scan your entire memory this will take some time (prolbably 10-50 seconds) which is why it's not set to that be default.

But i would defintely check for viruses
click on Go and do a free virus scan of your computer, if you have an viruses it will not remove them (you have to pay for this), but at least you will know what the source is so you can act on it. If that fails to yield something i would try AdAware and Spybot the links are listed below.

Make sure to run BOTH of these programs and to download the update before scanning your computer

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