This is my first post and I don't know much about computers. I have an HP with Windows 98 second edition and a factory installed Nvidia TNT 2 Pro set-up. My problem is: after internet surfing for a bit, the graphics display as red x's instead of how they should look. Also, it may show in small areas throughout a page (I guess where advertisements would be) that this is 'cancelled' or page error. I usually restart my computer and hope that when it starts up again that I will have an hour or so of surfing before the red x's happen again (it sometimes works). The things that I have done to try and fix this - that have not worked are: tools>internet options>settings> increasing my temporary internet file storage from 10MB to 40MB; clearing my temp internet files-cookes-and history; and going tools>advanced> checking the box to empty temporary internet files when browser is closed. These three things that I did were on advice of someone who told me that I had a 'cache' problem. Unfortunately, none of this has helped. Any assistance/ideas in this matter would be thoroughly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

does this happen on every single page that you go to or just on certain pages? Which pages are you visiting?

When it happens, it happens on any and every page (home page, favorites, etc ...). Sometimes I can refresh the page and it will load properly. Usually, I have to restart the computer to make things work correctly. Someone else has suggested to me that I download and use firefox as my browser. I did this yesterday and have not had the 'red x's' appear on this browser. This person also said that the problem is not Internet Explorer's cache being too small, but that Windows 98 SE has cache problems. I write this like I know what I am talking about, but I don't! I am just repeating what others have told me. If it is a Windows 98 SE operating system cache problem, is there a way to adjust the limits? Thanks ...

Hmm... the only other advice I can think of right now is update your IE to the latest version, then go to and do a full test if you have cache problem it'll tell you in the summary and it'll also tell you how to fix it. Make sure you do all the critical windows updates as well. If none of this works, I suggest format your HD and reinstall everything again, but you will lose all of your information and files stored to your PC. Perhaps someone more computer literate than me may offer you a better suggestion. Sorry I couldn't help did my best.

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