Last night, while editing a picture in photoshop to print(action #1), I was also already printing to my epson printer(action #2).
Like countless other times in the recent past, I also wanted to download images from my CF flash card(action #3), using my regular card reader.
Upon insertion of the card readers' plug into the USB port, the cpu "shut down".
The monitor was still powered(from same surge protector as everything else) as was everything else except the cpu.
When trying to restart with the power button, theres NOTHING! It won't restart, or reset.
Any ideas as to what might of happened, any similar experiences, or repair suggestions would be greatly appricated.

one suggestion only ,never experienced this but simular problems ! totally unplug you computer from power source for a few min ,hold computer power button in while its unplugged ,then plug computer back into power source .

Thanks 4 the post. A phone tech recommended same type thing.
I'm at work till 6pm, then that will be my first project. Thanks again. I'll post results.

Tried the unplug, for about 15min. Upon replugging pwr cord, CPU fan started up. Unit was powered up w/out hitting power button. Screen showed desktop, all was well.

Good to hear you got it fixed !!