Hi everyone, newbie here just joined and I found this web site through Ask Leo. I am going for my A+ Cert. next year and I am in training right now. I came across something odd on my machine which I am the administrator of. I was going in to group policies to change the bandwidth allocated for windows when I came across a problem. The administrative templates branch folder when I expand it only comes up with windows components and windows update. I don't see the network branch folder that allows me to get to the QoS packet scheduler. It is missing and under the help file it says it is suppose to be there. Any clues out there as to what happened to it and how to get it back.
I bought this machine from Dell and they installed the XP Pro SP3 in it and I have a feeling they did something to it. I can't figure it out and going up for my A+ cert. I feel really stupid.
Help anyone

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Have you tried gpedit.msc from the run line? Here is an artical discussing QOS. Hope this helps...


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