I get the following error while downloading application-
Component 'MSWINSCKOCX' or one of its depenndencies not correctly registered a file missing or invalid.
Please if some solution to the problem would be highly appreciated.

what you mean downloading application? downloading the file from internet or you're installing the application..?
if you're installing the application then that particular ocx file is missing or either corrupted...check out this link to download that file..


and copy that file to your windows\system32 folder..

hope it helps ;)

Thanks for the prompt help,Yes I was trying to download an application when I got the message.
I tried doing as instructed,but when I try to open the following link saved on my desk top,I get a awkward looking letters all very un recognisable.In brief I am unbale to read the page as the letters are all jumbled up.

Sorry again,I was installing the application when the error occured.

do not click on the link..right click on it and save the file..so you won't got any jumbled letters... :)