I recently used IE Eradicator to uninstall IE 6.0 due to the fact that I was constantly getting errors in regards to either "C++ Runtime Library" or a Java JVM "register failk" when attempting to access websites or programs that require either MVM or JVM to run. I have since reinstalled IE 5.5 and reinstalled an earlier version of Java and have no problems accessing sites or running programs which require Java. However I am unable to use any of the IE shortcuts that I have created on my desktop unless I already have an instance of IE open. I have gone through and verified all of my settings and also volled the steps on MS in regards to reassociating the file type to open with IE. Any ideas or suggestions short of a reinstall of the OS would be great. Until then I am going to reinstall the latest Service Pack.

OS: Win 2K SP4
Browser: IE 5.5 SP2

Please see the attached document for the messages I get after the reinstall when trying to open a shortcut on the desktop. Thanks!

my IE had not been opening any websites for me ..i tried to uninstall it but couldn't do so... i want to know where did u download IE eradicator ...so i could download it and uninstall IE.