please help i cant figure it out my Motion Computing LE1600 decided to start hanging on me whenever it started up yesterday and i tried to fix this problem by rolling back with the a system restore that didnt work so i decided to insert the disk that came with it to start over with a fresh copy of windows xp tablet edition well that didnt work either so do you guys have any ideas why my tablet decides to freeze/hang after five or so minutes?

As you have reinstalled windows, we can rule that out. First we can check most of the other programs that run at start up and see if they are causing any problem. Go "START" "RUN" type "msconfig" (without inverted comers) click "OK' when msconfig starts, click on "STARTUP" tab then click "Disable all" reboot your PC and see if the trouble is still there. If OK start to enable programs until the problem starts again to locate you bad program. If it is still the same, I would guess it is a hardware problem and I have no idea about tablets, but check your service manual (Might be online).

You said you reinstalled windows, did you format your hard drive or delete the old windows, what did you do to install windows?

yes i did format the hard drive and remove everything when i tried to do just a repair it ended up hanging on me and sitting there for about an hour untill i turned it off, ill try both of these once i get back home thanks for the help though ill get back to you later.

Normally it has been seen that these kind of issues occurs when either some segments of your hard drive is not functioning OR If there is some kind of infection...

At this point of time i can suggest you to check the HARD DRIVE running a hadr drive seft test from the BIOS of your computer... & let us know the outcome....

I'm doing a hard drive test now sadly the bios update didnt work it updated fine and shows its there however the computer still hangs on me im in bios now doing a test ill post a result asap

im guessing its my hard drive due to the fact that the hard drive test failed...twice so im guessing my next move is to buy a hard drive...any way i could scan my other hardware just to be sure?

Don't worry.. none of your other parts are affected here... You just need a new hard drive & that will be all...

And don't forget to mark this tread solved if you have got your resolution...:)

o yeah well thanks all for the help i ordered a new hard drive it will be here in a few days hopefully that makes it work fine once again thanks