I am trying to install Publisher XP. Every time I click on the setup file I get an error saying that I am either running in safe mode, the windows installer is corrupt or not installed. I am running Windows XP Pro. I am not in safe mode. I have tryed going to Control Panel ->Administrative Tools ->Services and starting Windows installer as it says it is not running. When I do, It gives me an error saying that the Windows installer can not be started. I have set the "startup" of this option to automatic and have tryed rebooting the machine several times and still can not install Publisher XP. I can, however, install other software. I have tryed my Publisher XP cd in another computer and it works without a problem. Any Ideas? Is there a way I can unistall and then reinstall the Windows Installer? I Just reloaded Windows XP (about a week ago because it was running sluggish) and all of my software etc. So I really don't want to reload it. I never received any errors while installing Windows XP Pro.