I am experiencing a very frustrating VIDEO & AUDIO STUTTERING problem which appeared one day out of the blue about 6 weeks ago. I have checked and tried pretty much everything I can think of, short of doing a clean re-install of XP Home. The symptoms are: when XP initially loads, the Windows WAV file usually stutters and the mouse pointer is jerky. After the startup programs finish loading, the mouse is fine. When I play audio files, the sound stutters and cuts in and out. When I play video files, the image repeatedly pauses for a split second every 2 seconds or so. When I play Doom 3, which ran fine until this problem began, the same video symptom occurs. When I move through an area the video pauses briefly every couple of seconds. All sounds repeat over and over again, such as sounds associated with re-loading a weapon.

I have done or checked the following to try to fix this problem: System Restore (didn’t work, of course), defragged the HD, ran disk cleanup, checked for IRQ and other hardware conflicts, freed up space on the HD, experimented with different size swap files, repeatedly run up-to-date AVG anti-virus and Housecall, different spyware/adware checkers (Adaware, Spybot S&D, Microsoft anti-spyware), checked Task Manager processes, did a clean Win XP boot, removed un-needed apps using msconfig, re-installed Doom 3.

I have also done the following hardware upgrades in the last several weeks: updated the motherboard BIOS, upgraded RAM from 512M to 1G, replaced 300w power supply with a 450w unit, replaced GeForce3 Ti500 64M vid card with ATI 9600XT 256M card (installed latest drivers), and attempted to install the latest drivers for the Creative SB Audigy sound card (they will NOT work), but the video problem persists even with the sound card and drivers uninstalled.

So, before doing a HD wipe and XP re-install I thought someone might have had a similar problem and could perhaps offer suggestions.

WinXP Home SP1
AMD Athlon K7 1.3Ghz, 1 GB RAM
AGP 4X VIA Chipset MoBo
ATI Radeon 9600XT 256 MB
SB Audigy
2 80 GB HD

Hi Rogelio!

I've been having exactly the same problem and I don't know how to fix it. :confused:

Hi Rogelio!

I've been having exactly the same problem and I don't know how to fix it. :confused:

Yeah, I've given up. I'm just going to do a clean reinstall of XP one of these weekends I guess. :( :evil:

I would run Hijack this...

It sounds like something is running in the background and trying to find a way out of your PC...

I would also run spybot, adaware etc...

You can also manually check to see what is running and sucking up cpu cycles...