Working with Vista Ultimate. Installed an OCR app [OmniPage 11] the install went to completion but with the message: "failed to update the system registry. Please try using regedit. I write to inquire if there is a general registry update that would achieve success or must one find the app to update. Looking for detailed guidance on how to proceed.

That product is not compatible with Vista

You could try to run it under Compatability Mode, but it might not work under it either.

Using Windows Vista Compatibility Mode:
Windows Vista, like any new operating system, will have problems running some older versions of applications. This is especially true in Vista, considering all the changes. Thankfully there is a compatibility mode that can be easily set per application.

To configure the compatibility mode for an application, just locate the installation directory and right click on the .exe, selecting Properties from the menu.

Select the Compatibility tab:
Click the box:
Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

You can choose to run the program in Windows XP compatibility mode, or even all the way back to Windows 95 compatibility.