Have a strange question for RD. Right now I have two PC's, one is a XP machine and the other runs Server 2003. Well what I'd like to do is use RD to access my Server PC from my XP PC. Now I was wondering if there was any way to have the Server PC bootup without the need of a keyboard and mouse. I have a keyboard/mouse switch... but unfortunatley in addition to the normal hotkey of 'scroll-lock' ctrl-v and ctrl-c will activate it. I use Photoshop alot and my screen will continuosly switch back and forth. So I was hoping that there was a way to remove the keyboard/mouse switch and just boot up my Server PC with just the network and power cables plugged in. Now I don't know how possible this is to do, but if there is anyway to do it please help me. Thank you in advance.

not 100% sure but i think this could be achived with the use of wake on lan compadiable nic card in the server,networked to the winxp machine ,you then use a magic packet program from xp to wake up the server ,.
google search

Rather that using remote desktop, which I beleive works only server to client, not client to server, (don't quote me on that), have you thought of something different like VNC. This is a remote desktop client, and imho, much better than trying to get RD to work.

I use it at work to remote access PCs out of our SMS scope, and its password protectable and easy to use. Google should throw up some freeware versions.

The software works once the pc gets to login stage, and can switch between your other desktop programs as it works in IE, (could work in other browsers, I don't know) I recommend this if you have a desktop resolution equal or better than the server.