My pc suddenly quit responding to the mouse on left click. It will accept right click, but this is strange, too. As an example, if I want to click on a "next" button, a box will open up, but if I hit enter - it will go to the next screen. This cannot really be worked around as it is selective in what it allows me to access. I can't get system restore to go back more than the present day, even though I can see earlier restore points. It won't allow me to print at all. It responds selectively to the keyboard as well. I attempted a repair, but when I got to the EULA, it didn't recognize F8 to accept. Of course I changed to a new keyoard and mouse - no difference. I attempted to re-install the drivers from disc, but I can't accept the EULA there, either.

I am running XP Media Center 2005 SP3 on a Dell Dimension E521, Bios Version 1.1.11, AMD Athlon Dual Core 3800, 150 HD (about 25% utilized), 4 sticks of OEM 512 memory,Symantec 2009 Internet Security (yes, the scan was negative). I haven't added any software, nor downloaded anything since an IE8 security update on 7-29. I deleted it, too.

I am so frustrated, I could scream. I can't even get into hardware profiles to see what that has to say.

ANY and all help would be greatly appreciated. This machine isn't even 2 years old yet - ancient in some ways, but I like to keep them a little longer than that!

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I know tis sounds oild and corny but have youcleaned the ouse and after that checked the mouse connectors! They are falible and can give stuid reslts if the mlouse does not have the detectors int he mouse working Ok


Double-click your right mouse button on an empty screen. (Switch from left-handed to right-handed controls and vice-versa)

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