can somebody please tell me why I cannot see my slave hard drive? The hard drive is present in my computer management, I can see it there, but I cannot access the drive because there is no drive letter assigned to it. It was working fine before I reinstalled windows 7. and I replaced my motherboard with exactly the same one as before. Any ideas.
Thank you


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It sounds as though the drive needs to be formatted. You may have accidentally deleted the partition when you reinstalled.
What info do you see in Disk management?

I see which hard drive it is, and it is the correct one. Like I said, it was working fine before. The drive holds hundreds of pictures of my daughter, reformatting it would wipe out everything. The drive was not partitioned because I mainly use it for my important files. The OS is installed on a separate hard drive.

OK, you see it, but what does it say about partitions, file type, space, etc.? (All drives are partitioned, it's just a matter of how many).

It tells me that the drive is working properly, the drive is basic, then it is a master booth record, capacity is 305244 mb unallocated space is 9 mb, reserve space 0.


In Disk management, rt-click and select "Explore".

if you have an usb external enclosure.... try to put your hdd on it..and check whether it can be recognized or not.. print screen your disk it here .. so it will be more clear for other guys to help.

Why not just right click on the drive and choose "Change drive letter and Path" and then click "Add" to associate a drive letter to it?

You seem to know what you are talking about, I figured it out 3 days ago by exactly doing what you posted, and it works, I can see my drive. Every thing is simply if you know on how to do it, I spend some time to get to it but now everything is fine. Thank you guys for helping me with this I really appreciate it.


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