I run Outlook 2000 on a PC with Windows XP, and just recently, the programme has been freezing on clicking 'send/receive'.

Also, the Folder List at the left of the screen has become extremely slow, and sometimes freezes as well.

This started on Monday (two days ago) when I tried, (I thought succeeded) to access some archived emails. Since then the programme has been behaving very oddly, and not responding to most clicks! I'm running a virus scan now, but any other tips I would appreciate, because all my work is tied up in the whole of Outlook, and I use this for several hours a day!

Kind regards,

Mike PA

Sounds like you need to remove a virus or malware. Go to:-
Download and run to remove any viruses you may have. (Sometimes a virus will stop you accessing an anti-virus site, so try going through safe mode (Tap F8 on boot up) and see if you can access it there.)
Then go to :-
Download, run then quick check your PC for any problems, if still there do a full scan.

Evening Bob,

That's good of you to respond!

I've tried 'Malwarebytes', (got two scarys - now deleted) 'Majorgeeks' (although this didn't do anything - even in Safe Mode), and also 'House call', but to no avail!

Also I tried 'Detect and Repair', but that didn't do anything either!

It really is odd, and I've tried to delete incoming 'dodgy' (usual spam, no foul nasties...) emails via my ISP, but again - no dice! I thought a saved 'Draft' email with some Archived attachments was a potential problem but ...nope!

May have to reinstall Windows, but don't really want to - I've only got a Recovery Disk, and I want the stuff all wrapped up neatly (and saved, but inaccessible), in the current copy! Have to keep up the work as it's my own business!!!

Thanks for your help anyway!

Kind regards,


Oh, and Bob, the AVG didn't see anything either!


"I've tried 'Malwarebytes', (got two scarys - now deleted) 'Majorgeeks' (although this didn't do anything - even in Safe Mode), and also 'House call', but to no avail!"
Sorry, are you saying you could not get these two programs to work or they did not find any problem? Did you run "Malwarebytes? if not, it is a good program and you should run it and fix any problem it encounters. But, before you change anything like that (Malwarebytes repair) you should create a restore point and back up you registry, just to be safe. Search the net if you don't know how.
"I only have a recovery disk" I assume is the complete system recovery disk from Dell, HP or the like?

Morning Bob,

Sorry I was unclear there - I ran Malwarebytes in 'light' mode first, and it uncovered two nasties called 'Broken.Open'. I also ran Major Geek and Housecall, which found nothing. I've already run AVG and nothing there either, although I will run a new update and re-scan again.

I also tried 'Outlook's Detect and repair', but that did nothing either.

I've just finished a scan with Malwarebytes' 'thorough' prog, and it found nothing at all, but I hadn't deleted the two quarantined 'Broken Opens', which I have done now.

The disks I have are not full system disks, but repair disks which came with the Medion PC from new.

Today, I'm going to try and copy every file I can to safe keeping on an external HD, and consider my next move! Also, someone at 'Computeractive' suggested disconnecting email scanning, which I'll try too. (They'd also suggested Malwarebytes, and you are clearly correct there - it did a good job, at least to see what is the situation so far!

Many thanks for your interest!


From what I can gather from the Medion site is that their disks are just XP OS disks and therefore, you can you them to repair windows. Put your disk in the drive and right click on it and click explore, see if you can find the Windows exe. If you can, making a slipstreamed CD now would be a very good idea. Slipstreaming your XP Operating System Disk is an easy and very time saving job. When you need to reinstall or repair Windows, you will have SP3, the drivers for your PC, the serial number and a number of hot fixes etc that have been released since SP3 all on your CD. You can insert the CD, click install and come back an hour later to an up-to–date PC, needing only a few updates on-line (plus IE8, Media player11 etc) Click on this link to find out how to make your own CD:-
For a simpler no frills program, try Auto slipstreamer.
After you have made your CD or just using what you have now you can try a Windows repair, See:-
Post #7
For my instructions on how to repair windows from your CD. Just be careful that you are only repairing windows and not formatting and reinstalling everything as some manufactures disks do. If you are worried, search the net for XP repair, there are sites that show you what every screen should look like and that way you will know you are safe.
Still, before you start, back up all your information and have a copy of your drivers ready to reinstall. (Driver backup is a good program.)

Morning Bob,

This is good advice - many thanks!

I'm currently backing up everything to a new external HD, and then will presumably bite the bullet!

I spoke at length to a charming lady at BT (my ISP), just to confirm that it wasn't them causing the problem with the email, and she tried unsuccessfully to remote access my PC. They're doing their bits fine!

In 'non-tech' language, having spent ages trying new settings etc, it seems to me that there is a file whizzing around inside, duplicating all the effort and eventually clogging the programme up to breaking fault. I've scanned again for virus/malware and still nothing!

It might be a good idea to start all over again with a re-install anyway, as it's been some time since I bought the machine, and also, it might clear up the interference problem I have with the sound...

Keep you posted!

Kind regards, and enjoy your weekend!


If you do decide to format and reinstall, look here at the first or second thread for how to format and reinstall or search the internet for the best way to do it. The last thing you want is to go through a full reinstall and update, only to find you are back where you started from.
Also, a slipstreamed OS disk will make life a lot easier, see if you can make one from your disks but on another PC, if none available, make one after your PC is up and running.
Good luck.

Morning Bob,

Just to let you know that after a complete reinstall of Windows, everything just flies now!

By last Wednesday, Outlook just refused to do anything, it hung almost continuously and error messages/unresponsive shutdowns were happening every time I loged on!

MS Office was put back on soon after the AV was installed and once the reinstall of Outlook had finished, it immediately pulled down all the emails I'd kept on the server, (because I sometimes access my account from another PC, and there are quite a few), and I ended up with everything I wanted! Have to confess to a few anxious moments, but the accumulated junk which the reinstall cleared out was unbelievable, so it's not surprising that probable bad housekeeping had brought all this on in the first place!

Made a New Year resolution (a bit early...), to spend a bit more time on copying, filing and sending to the best thing I've bought in ages - an external HD!

Thanks again for your support and advice, I went through all the procedures you advised, but to be fair to you, it was probably my PC giving me the grief!

Kind regards,

I am glad that everything is now working well, I am only too happy to try and help people who need it. Not that I can always help.

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