Hi and I have installed some software called virtualbox which is a universal operating system emulator. I have XP Pro and emulated XP Home inside XP Pro but my problem is that my keyboard can only input one key stroke a second. Is it possible that it is because my Page File Usage is 2GB or is it something else. I have 3250GB of Ram so Ram shouldn't be a problem. And my cpu seems to be on about 2%.

Just in case you didn't get my question it is that is it possible the Page File Usage being 2GB causes my keyboard to have a keystroke speed of 1 key per second? If so how can I make the keyboard get a higher priority in the memory or if not then what else could be causing my keyboard to be so slow?

Could it be Sticky Keys.
Could this have accidently been turned on?

How much ram have you got?
How much have you assigned to the virtual machine?

You need enough ram to run both

E.g if you assign 1gb to the virtual machine, you really need at least 2gb of total ram nstalled in order for the system to run well.

For the actual ram on my main xp installation I have a total of 3250GB and I have assigned 1500GB to the virtual xp installation. I have managed to temporarily close the virtual system to see if that makes a difference but the keybord is still just as slow even though the page file usage drops to normal.

WOW, amazing what a few extra reboots does. One of the windows updates or something must have caused a memory clash. After a few reboots the problem seems to have disappeared. Never new how effective reboots were.