OK - another Vista freezing problem. Does not seem to match anything else I've seen in Forums. Running Home Premuim on a QC HP box. It ran fine for a month or so - so I suspect a virus but all scans/diagnostic show up nothing.
Basically I can run programs when I log in but only for anout 1 min. Therafter I cannot lauch anything - desktop freezes. However the already launched programs work fine. I can surf away on Firefox, open new tabs, download etc. Likewise I can create/send & check mail fine if the mail client was lauched early on. If I minimise these programs though I lose them - the taskbar will not repond like rest of desktop.
CRTL-ALT_DEL works fine, task manager launches but freezes immediately. Logging off is a temp fix - if I cancel the alert about closing multiple Mozilla windows I get to cancel the logoff attempt and regain control - temporarily agiain though.
Seems to work OK if I have no LAN/WAN connection when I log in - have not tested extensively.
AVG scan shows nothing, went through registry repair and disabled all startup programs with cclean - made no difference.
Ideas anyone?

Yes - safe mode seems OK. Driver problem? THough I was pretty sure nothing has changed since it came out of the box I guess somebody else could have OKed an update. What is simplest way of knowing which driver is at fault ?

I have a program that is not in add/remove programs that is in control panel called Nero 7 Demo. I want to uninstall it but it do not want.Help me please

Probably a lot of programs on starting up when you first login. When you go into safe mode it doesn't start everything up.

Follow this link - http://netsquirrel.com/msconfig/index.html

Nice link. But no joy. I used MSCONFIG to pare it down to bare minimum. There were about 25 startups, only 3 are enabled now. But result is still the same. I can still get control by logging off and cancelling when it asks me to save the tabs but that is it. When is Windows 7 available ...?

Windows 7 is available as off the 22nd of October.

Mate check your event log. I had a issues because of a Raid driver restarting. Could be a service too . I would check the logs. if noting is there i would disable every service and start up application i dont need. Just cos u disable the app doesnt mean the service for it will not run in the background. Hope it helps

Exactly how do I check this ? MSCONFIG also?

Exactly how do I check this ? MSCONFIG also?

for events go to. controlpanel>administrative tools> event viewer.

Check the sys and applications logs. flick through them and try to match the time with the event to find the right 1.

msconfig: start>run>type msconfig and hit enter

See dear all these above troubleshooting steps are like baby steps..
At first check the HD status running a HDST from the BIOS & tell me if are getting any error message or not...:cool: