I too have (different) unwanted sounds on my PC. They come only when I am connected to the internet, e.g. laughter, phone ring, scream etc. Windows XP and Norton firewalls are swtched ON and I am virus free. I can find no sound files that I cannot account for. I believe others have this same problem but can get no infomation. Thanks for looking. Mikecc2691.

It sounds like you have something like youtube running and you can hear the sound.
Try, go "START" "Run" then type "mscinfig" without the " " click on "Start up" tab and see what programs are running. If there is something you do not want at all, delete it from "add and remove programs" in the control panel. If there is something there you want but do not want to run at start up, open that program, find it's properties, stop it loading on boot or with Windows.
If there is nothing running that you do not want, I would suggest that you still have a virus or malware. Don't trust your programs to get rid of all problems every time. Go to:-
Download and run to remove any viruses you may have. (Sometimes a virus will stop you accessing an anti-virus site, so try going through safe mode (Tap F8 on boot up) and see if you can access it there.)
Then go to :-
Download, then run a “quick check” your PC for any problems, if still there do a “full scan.”

Hi again,
Just had another thought, if you are using IE try Firefox or Opera and see if that helps.

Bob. Thanks for that detailed reply. I have used msconfig to temporarily disable all startup programs and have run malaware. But the sounds continue. They are obviously malicious rather than an unintended overhearing of something normal. mikecc2691

Bob. I have now switched from IE to Firefox as you suggested. Problem solved! All the unwanted sounds have stopped. Thanks again for your very effective help. mikecc2691

I am only too happy to know that I have helped you and you are problem free....for now!

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