We just installed Windows Server 2008 over the previous operating system, Windows 2000 Server. We can't get our web apps working properly on 2008 though, so we have decided to downgrade to 2003 Server.

How do we do this?

I've read articles explaining how to delete windows from within safe mode, but unfortunately, we can't get the computer to boot in safe mode. Pressing F8 at startup lists the options of booting from cd or the hard drive but that's it. Once you choose one of those options, it doesn't give you another option to choose safe over normal mode.

We also can't find any sort of uninstaller to revert back to the previous operating system, even though we know it's saved on there in the Windows.old folder.

What is the manufacturer of the server. Try pressing f10 to get into safe mode.

f10 brings up the bios settings. and I don't think I saw anything there about safe mode.

I think the manufacturer is LS System, though I can't seem to find anything about them online.

No clue then about that brand. What is the bios manufacturer?