I have a new 19" LCD with recommended resolution on 1280 X 1024. I'm using Windows XP Pro. When logging into Yahoo or MSN, ect. only 800 X 600 fills the screen! How annoying!! Is there some way to fix this? Thanks.

Im using that resolution right now. You dont have to set your resolution like that if you dont wish to but the quality of display is better with higher resolutions. If you want to use 1280 x 1024 you just gotta get used to web sites that dont stretch because there are lots of them. Most developpers dont like to make sites that stretch because the site wont look the same when resized and for more reasons.

On some sites though, like yahoo.com, you can stretch the page by increasing the fonts size. In Internet Explorer you just need select View from the top menu, then Text Size amd select larger or largest.

A lot of web site developers set their default resolution to 1024x768. I've just learned to adjust to them by setting mine the same.

Yeah you can do that.

The main reason I opt for a higher resolution is that I do some app development and I love to have a large amount of tollboxes and a large form opened. It gives me a better overall view of my work.

Theres no better choice, you just choose what is best for you.


Thank you very much. I will fiddle around a bit and get used to the different sizes. You guys are great.

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