hi previously, windows media player works fine for me.but recently, it starts to become weird.i hav installed asian language pack for my windows xp.but wen i play a chinese song in wmp, in the "now playing" window, it cant display chinese chars.i hav attached a screenshot.
anyone havin any idea abt tis prob can help me pls?thx

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Have you checked the song in other players? It could also be that the song name itself is messed up. check the ID3 tag on the song, and check if it works properly in a different player, winamp is very good at displaying other alphabet sets.

ok, after checking with my Korean friend, he confirmed that it is most likely an id3 tag problem.

here's what you do if it is:
Fire up Windows Media Player
go to your 'library' and right-click on the song name of the problematic song
go to 'Advanced Tag Editor'
here you can edit track info, artist info, add lyrics or picture files, and even add comments.
In changing the 'track info' if the track name is a bunch of gibberish, change it. also important: make sure you select the right character set from the 'language' bar.

ya i've checked.its in the right language.window's media player was able to display it last time but duno why nw it cant.btw my computer has started acting weird.it will shut down every 10 mins if i open programs such as games or window's media player.i have checked for virus but it return nothing.so i duno if its the whole comp's problem anot.damn computer.its less then 2yrs..
thx for ur reply.=)

could i get more information? which programs specifically does it happen to? how does it act when it shuts down?

hmm for example when i start WMP or i play some online 3d games.i opened up my cpu n found that perhaps its because of heat problem coz when i use a fan directly blowing the cpu, i can play the game for over 1hr and still nothing happens.however i notice that the fan on the heatsink can still run sometimes.does the fan need to be always running the moment u on ur computer?or does it run only when its too hot?btw it will juz shutdown suddenly.n when i bootup again, it behaves as if i had shut it down properly.btw i had use the "motherboard monitor5" to check my cpu temp n it recorded around 45degrees(113''F) when idle.isit too hot?

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