I have a problem with a few video files (mpeg, avi, etc.) on my computer, specifically the timing. For example, when I open up a video file with Windows Media Player that I know is 22 minutes long, the player shows it as only being 1 minute long. When I drag the timing to around 30 seconds, the video skips to the halfway mark. But, if I let the video file run for the 1 minute, it will stop at the 1 minute mark of the video.

I tried opening up the file with different players (Windows MP, Real Player, Quicktime, etc.) but they all give me the same problem. I also re-downloaded all my codecs, but that did not help. Lastly, I re-downloaded the video file again, but the players still read the video file as only being one minute long. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do? Thanks in advance.

What is the file size of this video

There's a probability that the file is corrupt on the server ... so it downloads completely and then only runs for the time it's not corrupt ....

I usually encounter same problems but its always due to corrupt video files .. not anything else.

Agreed. I'd be searching for another location to download the file from.

This could be one of the sneaky tricks used so that you can play it only while on their webpage.

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