Hi guys!!

When i start my laptop (toshiba -satellite P20) the display doesnt cum up, it reaches to a point where it shows me win XP logo and the bar but after that it goes blank.
i can get into safe mode and the display is ok except it shows me green horizontal lines on the screen and the instruction screen is flickering.
i tried to remove the display drivers (nvidia geforce fx5700) and restart the machine, i manage to get into normal mode but only for some few seconds after that the screen went blank.
i also downloaded drivers from internet and installed in safe mode but didnt work.
i ran tool & utilities cd which came with the laptop that also didnt work.
i also tried to repair winXP from a bootable CD ,i get stuck the point where it asks me to put administrator password but doesnt accept so i cant even boot from the CD.
i even tried to restore the last good setting but NO LUCK.

Any Help is highly appreciated :sad:


Try enabling vga mode ... after completely uninstalling your graphics card driver ... if it works ... then its a problem with your vga card driver ... try another compatible one.


I uninstalled the vga drivers and it worked but only for few minutes than the screen went blank.i installed some drivers (not specific ones but similar)from the net but it din't work.
its toshiba laptop-satelliteP20,nvidia GeForce FX5700
cannot find right drivers nowhere on the.