Does anyone have the XP fix for theme park ?
if you could maybe email it to me ?
i cant find a working site with it anywhere ..

The 'XP fix' is only available on a particular private website. All other sources link back to there.

Currently, the site is down, and it may have been discontinued. I'd try again down the track again and see if it's back up. Perhaps the fellow simply didn't pay his bills!

actually i got it to work for once
haha it was wierd ..
oh well thanks anyways =D

ahh i have another problem maybe one of u could help with ..
my game freezes
Well the game doesnt really freeze ..
but the animation does ...
like the people (visitors to the park), the rides - they jus all stop moving and freeze up ! ahh its so annoying .. and this is STP on XP with the XP fix
any suggestions ?

i suggest you visit the link in my other thread and ask you question there ,seems like a better place ,seeing as they are using the game !