Hi, I am a junior programmer . Now i have a project to set up an intranet for our own company using IIS5.1. At first, I am not much knowledge and expericence about IIS. but i exploring this topic for a week still cannot make it. Please kindly help me to solve this quention. Thanks a lot in advance.
My question is i start the internet explorer and type the IP address directly into the address field, but normally it will prompt you for the home page screen right, but it didn't, it came out with all the html files under the my folder. My i know how to set the homepage as a default page?

Thanks a lot.

Wilmos Lee

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I checked out my setup here, and found that IIS (I think I am running 6 here) looks for default.asp, Default.htm, index.htm, iistart.htm, Default.aspx as pages to open. There are options listed to add other filenames to the mix, so that the file listing view that you see does not show up.

I agree for security reasons that directory listings should not be allowed, unless you intend on having a number of files for quick and easy download.


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