I have a feeling that this problem is very easily fixeable, but I don't know how to...

My internet connection is awry. So, I went, right clicked on the icon, and it said "repair" on a button in bold letters. I clicked it, and then it said "Cannot be completed because Windows: Could not renew your IP address. and I was just wondering how to fix that.

What is your internet provider?

What OS are you using?

If it's XP, here is the manual way to do what "Repair" is supposed to do:

Go to Start, Run, type in cmd, click OK.

When the new window comes up, type in ipconfig /release

Wait a moment for it to do that, then type in ipconfig /renew

This may take a few moments; when it's done, type in ipconfig /all and post the results here.

You can also try IEFix from here:

And Winsockfix from here:

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