I have a feeling that this problem is very easily fixeable, but I don't know how to...

My internet connection is awry. So, I went, right clicked on the icon, and it said "repair" on a button in bold letters. I clicked it, and then it said "Cannot be completed because Windows: Could not renew your IP address. and I was just wondering how to fix that.

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What is your internet provider?

What OS are you using?

If it's XP, here is the manual way to do what "Repair" is supposed to do:

Go to Start, Run, type in cmd, click OK.

When the new window comes up, type in ipconfig /release

Wait a moment for it to do that, then type in ipconfig /renew

This may take a few moments; when it's done, type in ipconfig /all and post the results here.

You can also try IEFix from here:

And Winsockfix from here:

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