I've tried to find another post with this problem, and can't find one, so here's what I'm dealing with.

When I go to c: documents and settings, I have a number of users listed - all the ones you'd expect - plus another one - let's call it "extra" - that doesn't show up in User Accounts, nor on the list when I boot in safe mode.

The problem is that I can't delete it, rename it or otherwise hide it because I get a message saying that it's essential to the running of Windows. The same applies, however, for Administrator, which does show up on the list in safe mode. Everything in its folders are included in Administrator or my own user account.

I have no idea where this came from, but I want it gone. Any ideas?

I'm using XP Pro SP2 - it's a fresh install on a new hard drive. Have deleted most of the programs I'd already installed when this showed up to try to clear things out.

Now it's even more confusing:

Both the Administrator and my personal user accounts come up on the Welcome screen! When I log on to Administrator (which requires a password), all my stuff's there. When I log on to my personal account (no password), most everything is empty, which must mean that it's attached to the "extra" profile.