Since last few days, my system has starting to restart every morning sharp at 8:00 AM. I'm shown this message (Attached below) and given 5 minutes to close all apps before restarting. But it's really annoying when that happens everyday! :?: I've no idea, what program finishes running everyday, irrespective of whether I'm connected to the net or not.
I've checked all the possible places, Registry (Windows Run keys), msconfig, services, scheduled tasks, etc. but am not able to make out any suspicious task which might be running that causes this regular restart.
Can someone please help me find out what might be causing this annoying thing?

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Mhh, did you install any software? Check scheduled task whether there is cmd.exe shechedule to run with switches /shutdown /r
Also you can use anvir task manager to see what startup programs are and it alerts you any change doen since previous time


Have you looked in Start/programs/system information/startup?

Yes I've looked at all the startup locations system-wide, but no luck. Can't see any unexpected entry :(

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