I have just recently purchased a used laptop which came with an original XP professional disc. (which includes service pack 2). How can i find out if the XP Pro CD that i have is the same/registered copy installed on my machine? I woud like to re-format my laptop with this CD but dont want to do that unless i know for ceratin the CD i have is registered to my laptop/MAC address.

Also, is their a microsoft home webpage that i cant visit and check if the XP Pro CD i have is registered/licensed to a machine?


If the sleeve that the XP disk is sitting in has the serial number printed on it you can cross reference it with the one thats installed on your machine. To find out what serial number corresponds what's on your machine, just right click on my computer, go to properties, then pick the "General" tab. The serial will be shown there. So if that serial and the one printed on the sleeve of the disk are the same, it's a very good chance you have the correct disk.

The cd doesnt have to be the one installed on you machine the product keya is what counts,i repair computers and use one winxp cd to instsll on all computers and use the key on the lapop bottom or computer tower case.
this program will list the key used on your laptop, just download and install and run to cross refernce the key used and the key on the bottom of you laptop