Is there a download or a way to get either XP PRO or the Internet Explorer to translate the writing on Forigen web sites to English? When I first go to the sites I get a messages about some sort of language support, but it dosen't want to work. It won't load or download even after I put in the XP Pro disc when it asks for it. Am I doing something wrong or is something missing from XP Pro with SP1 that it wont compleat the transition? I have been to the Windows site and found no help there. Maybe I looked in the wrong place? or I'm wrong about what I was being offered? HELP. :eek:

Unfortunately, Windows' foreign language support can't do actual translations; it only allows you to view and/or type foreign language characters. :(

Have you heard of any programs at all out there that might do this or is something like that just wishful thinking so far?? found something folks might like to

try. this link takes you to a page where you can put in a foriegn web site address and it will turn around and display the page in as close to english as a litteral translation can be. Cool ! ! ! The babelfish site is self explanitory. check it out ! ! !

The Fish is pretty cool, but he sometimes gives you some pretty amusing interpretations... :cheesy: