I’m new at all of this so try to explain this to me easily.

Heres what happened, About 3 weeks ago I got 2 Trojan viruses and they wouldn’t let me do anything such as get on the internet or go on any of my files. I had about 3 minutes to do anything I could before the virus would kick in. So I made a guest account and the virus wouldn’t pop up then. So I thought maybe that if I just made a new admin account that the virus would go away. So I did and the virus came up on that account. I started to get mad and I got on my guest account and downloaded windows defender. It said there were 2 viruses.

I tried to delete them but, I couldn’t for some reason. So I went online and got to this site were you could type in an .exe file and it would search for you. I did that and found this site were it said what files in the registry would be the viruses. I deleted them and I must have deleted something wrong. The viruses stopped coming up but, they were still on my computer till today.

I ran some good virus scanners and it found them. I got rid of them hoping that the Hardware Interrupts would go away but, it’s still showing up. I was wrong and it's still on the computer.When I kill the process it won't let me.If I could get some help on this I would Be really thankful.

The Attached Image is a pic of what its showing when i try to kill the process