I am seriously considering changing my career path. I currently am in sales but am looking to go into IT.

I have a fairly good knowledge of pc's and networking and it has been recommended to me that i take the MCSE course which apparently is 7 exams.

My question is, have any of you taken this ?
Where did you do it ? Online or using the self paced pack that Microsoft have ?

Any help would be great



I took MCSE in the windows NT4 days (before Win2k and active directory) I was lucky in that the company paid for a boot camp with Informatics Group (A microsoft approved training centre) It was 2 weeks and you take the exams as you go. It was good because the trainer told you exactly what you needed to know to answer the questions and you go straight in the exam room and pass the test. It's expensive though. I think it cost about £1900.00

Thx for your reply

I know it is expensive.

If i did the self paced one, the kit is £90 plus each exam is £88.00 So would total near £900 if idid the Win XP one aswell !!